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Mar 7, 2024

Mulberry Mania Steals and Deals: A City-Wide Garage Sale Extravaganza!


The City of Mulberry is thrilled to announce its First Annual City-Wide Garage Sale, dubbed “Mulberry Mania Steals and Deals,” set to take place on Saturday, March 23rd. In an unprecedented move to support this community initiative, the city council has decided to waive the usual garage sale permit requirement for this day, making it easier and more accessible for all residents to participate.

This inaugural event is not just about decluttering and finding new treasures; it’s a unique opportunity for Mulberry’s residents to engage with their neighbors and welcome visitors into their community. “Mulberry Mania Steals and Deals” promises to transform the city into a bustling marketplace, where treasures can be found, and memories are made.

A Day of Deals, Discovery, and Community Spirit

Residents are encouraged to take this opportunity to clear out their attics, basements, and garages, turning their seldom-used items into someone else’s treasures. From vintage collectibles and household items to books, clothes, and toys, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Moreover, “Mulberry Mania Steals and Deals” is more than just a garage sale; it’s a celebration of community spirit. The event aims to foster a sense of togetherness, encouraging residents to stroll through their neighborhoods, meet new people, and enjoy the communal atmosphere that makes Mulberry such a special place to live.

Participation Information

To participate, residents simply need to set up their sale items in their yards or garages on the day of the event. There’s no need to register or obtain a permit this year, thanks to the city’s supportive gesture. Participants are encouraged to mark their sales with balloons, signs, or other decorations to attract shoppers.

Safety and Courtesy Guidelines

While excitement is building for this community-wide event, the City of Mulberry reminds participants and shoppers to adhere to local traffic laws, respect private properties, and maintain cleanliness in the neighborhoods. The city also encourages participants to consider safety measures, including cash handling precautions and general health and safety practices, to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Join the Fun

“Mulberry Mania Steals and Deals” is more than a city-wide garage sale; it’s a testament to the vibrant community spirit of Mulberry. Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 23rd, and be part of this exciting event. Whether you’re a seller, a shopper, or just out to enjoy the day, there’s something for everyone at the First Annual Mulberry Mania Steals and Deals.

For more information on how to participate feel free to call the Mulberry City Complex at 479-997-1321.

Let’s come together to make the first “Mulberry Mania Steals and Deals” a resounding success. See you there!



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