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Dec 22, 2023

Mulberry City Opens Opportunities for Public Works Positions

Mulberry, AR – In a significant move to strengthen its Public Works department, the City of Mulberry has announced the opening of new job positions. The city is actively seeking to fill both Full Time and Seasonal Worker roles in the Public Works General Labor division, inviting locals to be a part of the city’s growth and maintenance efforts.

The Full Time and Seasonal positions are expected to play a crucial role in various public works projects, contributing significantly to the upkeep and development of the city’s infrastructure. This initiative reflects the city’s commitment to enhancing public services and fostering a robust community environment.

Interested candidates are encouraged to pick up a copy of the job description and the application forms at the City Complex. This is a fantastic opportunity for residents to engage directly with their community and contribute to its wellbeing.

Location for Application Pickup: City Complex, 207 N Main, Mulberry, AR 72947

For those seeking more information about the job roles, responsibilities, or any other related queries, applicants can call 479-997-1321 to get detailed insights about the positions and the application process.

The City of Mulberry is looking forward to a diverse pool of applicants and emphasizes its dedication to equal employment opportunities for all members of the community.




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