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Dec 22, 2023

Mulberry Citizens: Check Your Holiday Trash Pickup Schedule Online!

As the holiday season approaches, the City of Mulberry wishes to remind its beloved citizens to stay informed about the changes in the trash pickup schedule. The holidays bring joy and celebrations, but they also mean a slight alteration to our regular services to accommodate the festive spirit!

To ensure that your holiday season is as smooth and clean as possible, we encourage all residents to visit the dedicated website for checking the holiday trash pickup schedule. Just head over to Cards Recycling Holiday Pickup Schedule to find out when your trash will be collected during the holidays.

Staying updated with the holiday schedule will help you plan your festivities better, without worrying about when to put out the trash. It’s a small step, but one that keeps our city clean and beautiful during this wonderful time of the year.

The City of Mulberry is committed to providing the best services to its citizens, even during the busy holiday season. We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a joyful and sparkling holiday season!


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