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MUlberry LIbrary.

Mulberry Library is a welcoming and inclusive community library that offers a diverse selection of materials for all ages and interests. From children’s books with interactive stories and games, to academic texts and research materials, Mulberry Library has something for everyone. With a focus on providing access to quality resources and fostering a love of learning, Mulberry Library is a hub for education and enrichment. So come and explore this vibrant community space today and discover all that Mulberry Library has to offer!


Mulberry Library

Ralph D.GRAF Library
220 N Main St Mulberry, AR 72947
Phone: 479.997.1226

LIbrary Details.

The Library has Disc Golf Disc sets to check out to play a round at our Disc Golf Course 
The Library has Pickle Ball Paddles and Balls to check out to play a game at our Pickle Ball Courts 
The Library has fishing poles that you can check out to use at our local fishing holes T. J. Reservoir