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Kirksey hospital

Kirksey Hospital.

The Bryant-Lasater House, aka Kirksey Hospital, was built c. 1900 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its significance as an unusually large and elaborate example of a pyramidal-roofed house. Pyramidal-roof houses developed in the first part of the twentieth century in the south as a replacement for the smaller hall-and-parlor house type. The House is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places due to its local significance due to its associations with health care in Mulberry. The Bryant-Lasater House has been home to the practices of several doctors in the community, including Dr. O.J. Kirksey, who operated the Kirksey Maternity Hospital in the house beginning in 1945.

The land that is occupied by the Bryant-Lasater House was deeded to E.B. Bryant ty the Little Rock and Fort Smith Railway on January 7, 1882. Although it is not known exactly when the house was built, it was prior to February 19, 1908, when the property was deeded to their daughter, Annaliza Lasater.
Given the fact that the house was built as a pyramidal-roofed house indicates that it was likely built c. 1900. The pyramidal-roofed house at least in the south, developed in the first decades of the twentieth century as a replacement of the hall-and-parlor type, which was often a smaller house. The pyramidal roof was ideal for homes with a square or nearly square plan, since it was a less expensive roof type to construct. The roof type required more complex framing, but fewer long spanning rafters, which accounted for the cheaper cost.

The Bryant-Lasater House is an unusually large example of a pyramidal-roofed house. In addition, the large front porch and the four large dormers that turned the upper floor into usable space, were also an unusual feature on a pyramidal-roof house.

Towards the middle of the twentieth century, the house became associated with the town’s health care community. In 1945, Dr. O.J. Kirksey, who had begun his practice in Mulberry in the 1920s, purchased the house and transferred his Kirksey Maternity Hospital to the building. By the time that Dr. Kirksey died in 1966, it was believed that he had delivered approximately 4,700 babies in his career. Information taken from National Register of Historic Places Registration Form dated 07/05/07.

The Bryant-Lasater House, aka Kirksey Maternity Hospital, has been lovingly restored and is available for tours and can be reserved for events. Contact the City Complex at 479-997-1321 for details.


Kirksey Hospital

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