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CIty Council


The City of Mulberry is a City of the Second Class. City Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. We gladly welcome anybody wishing to appear before the council. However, in order for the council to take action on any requests, it should be listed on the agenda for that meeting. You should first notify city administration, ask to be placed on the agenda, and state the nature of your request. Meetings are open to the public with everyone welcome to attend.

Sheila Trent

Wilma Peevy

Kimberley Bruce

Stacy Muntz

Jimmy Moore

Bobby Tweedy

Carla Southerland


 The City Council:

  • Has the management and control of the city finances and all real and personal property belonging to the city>
  • Approves or disapprove an annual operating budget by February of each year.
  • Sets the procedures by ordinance for making purchases that do not exceed the sum of $10,000 in cities of the first class. Councils in second-class cities and in towns may set procedures for making all purchases.
  • Sets the time and place for regular City Council meetings. All meetings should be open to the public in accordance with the state Freedom of Information Act.
  • Calls for a special election in cities of the first class to fill the vacancy of the unexpired Mayor’s term of office, if the unexpired term is for more than six months.
  • May fill, by appointment in cities of the first class, the vacancy to the office of Mayor if the expired term is less than six months.
  • In a city of the second class, the City Council shall fill the Mayor’s unexpired term by either a majority vote of the aldermen or a special election. In an incorporated town, the aldermen select a qualified elector to fill the mayoral vacancy and do not hold a special election.
  • Sets the salaries of the Mayor, Council, and other municipal officials. Salaries of officials may be increased during the term, but not decreased during the period of office unless requested by that official.

CITY COUNCIL ward map.